Starman3 is a Super Mario 64 modder and who has been on YouTube since 2006, and has been making Mario 64 bloopers and videos since early 2007.He appears in alot of Mario 64 machinimas and is the leader of a Mario 64 clan called the "YouTube Rangers", which MarioGame2222, who also appears in Mario 64: Weegee's Revenge is a member of.


Starman3 standing on the bridge of the Princess Peach's Castle.

Super Mario 64: Weegee's RevengeEdit

Starman3 will appear in episode 9 of Mario 64 Weegee's Revenge, where Suteegee and SuperBluey2749 are fighting, and Suteegee was about to unleash his final attack on SuperBluey2749, until Suteegee's attack failed because it was knocked out of the way by a gold energy blast. Suteegee got angry because of this, but he didn't know who deflected his attack. Then Starman3 revealed that he had knocked Suteegee's attack out of the way, and he teleported behind Suteegee, and punched him so hard, that Suteegee went flying 5 yards into the grass. This made Suteegee really angry, but Starman3 and SuperBluey2749 easily defeated him. After that, Starman3 teleported to where Mariogame2222 and Luigi were to help them save the world and fight Weegee.

Fun FactEdit

He also appears in SMG4's Mario 64 Bloopers, as well as MarioMario54321's videos.